Often termed as the king of all vegetables, potato is a starchy, tuberous crop vegetable of the solanaceae family. It is one of the few vegetables that mixes well with other vegetables and is known for adding a delicacy to any dish. Potato is one of the most widely used vegetables in Western temperate climates and the world's most widely grown tuber crop as well. This starchy crop is also the fourth largest food crop of the world in terms of fresh produce after rice, wheat, and maize. Domesticated for over 10,000 years, this plant is probably native to the Andes, where it was cultivated by the Incas. There are more than one thousand known varieties, but only a fraction of this number are cultivated commercially. This delicious vegetable is also a good source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. A rich source of Vitamin C, potatoes are naturally fat-free and carry very low amount of calories. An average potato consist of about 80 percent water and 20 percent solid matter; whereas starch makes up about 85 percent of this solid mass and the rest is protein. It also contains a considerable amount of vitamins including niacin, riboflavin and thiamine.